Friday, October 30, 2015

Google plans to kill Chrome OS, fold it into Android

File photo - This Tuesday, March 10, 2015 photo shows the Google Chromebook Pixel laptop, in San Jose, Calif.

ChromeOS has been a success in many respects. While not universally loved, and still limited compared to Windows or OS X, the simple operating system has a small, loyal following, and laptops based off it often appear on Amazon's top-selling list.
Yet that's not enough to earn it a stay of execution, as The Wall Street Journalreports that insiders say Chrome OS will soon be given the axe. It apparently will be folded into Android next year, and Chromebooks will no longer be sold as of 2017.
Google's decision to get rid of its desktop operating system is apparently linked to a planned revision of Android that will help it span multiple categories of devices, including 2-in-1s. This interest isn't a huge surprise given the recent announcement of the Pixel C, an Android powered tablet with an optional keyboard cover.  Read more